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Day +14 Sex Talk #100DaysDIEP

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Today’s my 2 week post-op check-up with my plastic surgeon. As per, I have a list of questions. I usually feel OK asking my specialists questions, even if some of them or their Gatekeepers get a bit miffed. Until now; and it’s a bit, um, delicate. In the lead up to surgery I was focussed on my breast area. No problem: I’d been whopping my tits out with wild abandon since diagnosis, initially in numbed shock and later with a “Right, Let’s Get This Done” stoicism . Largely thanks to @thecancercomedy observations that her lady garden was trimmed when she had her DIEP, it dawned on me that there would be quite a bit of work going on in the Down There *whispers* region. I have an excision that runs hip-to-hip along my bikini line where tissue was removed, with two holes below where the drains came out and a circle of stitches above it around my re-located belly-button. It’s a fairly tight stitch-up job. I’ve been given advice about being active along with an info sheet of gentle movement exercises, but the subject of sex hasn’t been mentioned at all . My plazzy is the token bloke on the Shitshow FA Team and is completely approachable, but I just can’t bring myself to talk to him about it. I wonder how I could broach the subject… Maybe I could bring it up when we’re talking about returning to the gym and ask about, er, ‘adult exercises’? I imagine that, as with regular exercise, the advice would be to avoid vigorous activity or straining. But what about high-level reward that comes from low low-level ‘play’? I might just see if he’s got a pamphlet.

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