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Day +16 Sparrow's Parp #100DaysDIEP

It’s been a while since I was up & out before sparrow’s parp. For me, joining the 4am Club can mean that I’ve got things to deal with; shit to sift. The completion of each Cancer Trilogy Treatment - chemo, oncoplastic surgery, radio - has brought with it the need to download, reflect and feel into the “New Me”, a catch-all phrase that nearly everyone who treats me keeps banging on about. My DIEP has resulted in Me v3.0 (v1.0 being me with cancer; and v2.0 being me sans cancer (one hopes) with a proud, buoyant inflated breast that kept me afloat when doing the backstroke); however, v3.0 may not be the final me. Although my DIEP foob has been 18 months in the planning, there’s still more to do. A DIEP usually has a Phase Two: Nipple Making, Lifting & Tweaking. That means more surgery. Before then I need to process my post-recovery trauma. So, yeah, lots on my mind that’s keeping me awake. Or maybe it’s just wind, sparrow styleee.

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