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Day +24 Let Down #100DaysDIEP

Today I started the process of processing the fallout from being let down by a medical professional. On the whole I’ve had excellent medical care from specialists and staff throughout The Shitshow. That was completely undermined in 2 hours post-op. . I feel physically sick when I think about it, I don’t want to have Phase 2 surgery (aka Nipple & Tweaking) and at my last follow-up I was so anxious that sweat poured off me and I had a not-so-funny turn, even though my issue isn’t with my plastic surgeon (but has understandably become associated with them). It’s taken me weeks to make an appointment with my psyche as even thinking about thinking about talking about it got me in a tizz. But truncating responses to trauma can come back to bite you on the arse later so it was time to woman up. . Someone said to me today that I was brave for fronting up to something that was so mentally confronting and physically affecting. I don’t feel brave, I feel fucked off that I’m having to deal with this shit on top of the other shit cos someone let me down by being shit.

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