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Day +28 The Rub #100DaysDIEP.

It’s so easy for everything to be about the cancer. And there are times during diagnosis, treatment and recovery when that’s all life can be about. After all, this Shitshow is nothing if not existential: no messing. But it’s important to try and do some self-care muggle things just cos… well, just cos they’re nice to do and make you feel good. I went to @sanctuaryskincare after my first chemo when acne erupted Kevin-the-teenager-style overnight (even in my ears!). But I’ve continued to get regular facials since as a way of doing something just for me that blisses me out. On the day of admission 4 weeks ago for my DIEP I had a facial with Natasha by way of distraction, and to prep my skin for a week being hospital-bound. And there’s the rub: even when it’s not about the cancer, by virtue of it not being about the cancer, it’s always about the cancer. It’s like trying to think about not thinking when you’re meditating. Or trying not to look at someone’s boobs when they tell you that they’ve had reconstruction after breast cancer.

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