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DAY -3 Dirty Breakkie #100DaysDIEP

Two extremes equal a balance, right? I’ve had to stop taking all meds and supplements prior to surgery, including Tamoxifen because it can be a bit clotty. I take Tamoxifen cos my cancer was hormone positive and it blocks the oestrogen receptors in breast cells which stops their ability to mutate and grow. So to stop taking it is a worry. I’m eating a shedload of cruciferous veggies to help detox oestrogen from my body which means rocket, cauli, broccoli or kale with every meal. Today I fancied something deliciously dirty for breakkie. I plummed for a green salad power bowl with a side of sausage, egg and cheese muffin (of the non-Macca kind. I said dirty, not filthy) @charlieandfranks .

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