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DAY +3 Wince & Wheeze #100DaysDIEP

I’m travelling along nicely in my recovery today, much of it movement related: walking without a frame; showering on my own; and my first post-op, erm, ‘movement’ movement (or ‘number two’ as my surgeon actually referred to it once 😳). While I’m up and about more and more each day there are still risks from being so sedentary, such as pneumonia. So my rehab regime now includes lung exercises using a spirometer (or *incentive* spirometer as my physio corrected me, cos it’s vitally important that I understand the distinction, I guess). I’d like to say something sassy like “I just put my lips together and blow”, but it’s bloody hard work on the abdo incision and more like “I just wince and wheeze”. And fuck knows what the incentive is as no chocolate bars have appeared yet.

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