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Day +33 Persisting #100DaysDIEP

God, I love walking in the pouring, when the water drips from your eyebrows and your sox squelch. It was persisting down with rain this morning and I was out at 6.30 to catch me some drops. But in my enthusiasm I may have done myself a mischief. Before surgery I dealt with pain every day, especially when exercising and I had to push through the extreme pain associated with #TamoxifenHips. So, it’s soooo tempting to just try to walk through the tweaks of pain that I’m getting after my op. I’ve been told if something hurts to stop doing it, but it’s hard! I’m so worried of the negative impact of inactivity, but maybe my body’s telling me to sink into stillness and lean into the mental and physical healing that comes with presence. I’m not gonna let rainy days or Sundays get me down.

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