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Day +36 Non-stillness #100DaysDIEP

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

So that stillness I was on about yesterday … yeah, that’s not happening. I’ve stomped two 4km walks (7am & 7pm); jumped the bus to do an organic grocery shop; bought new bed linen (in store and online); batch cooked a veg chilli, cauli soup and curry (while listening to the latest #youmebigcpodcast to completely avoid any possibility of quiet and stillness); banged on three loads of laundry and hung it out to dry; done two lots of dishes and put them away (how can there be so much stuff to clean? there’s only two of us!); put the bins & recycle out; caught up with some lovely new people on Instagram; showered; prepped and cooked dinner; and fannied about scrolling through thousands of images on my phone to find something for this post. Still not still. Very, very far from stillness; more zinging in fact. A constant vibration within my core that keeps me in perpetual motion. . 📷 of Nike Savvas ‘Atomic: fun of love, full of wonder’ (2005) @artgalleryofnsw, 2018.

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