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Day +40 IRL Reclaim #100DaysDIEP

In digital-land there’s a whole universe of support for people who have/have had/are genetically at risk of having breast cancer (& other cancers). There’s a gaggle of Insta profiles (hello!), vlogs, blogs, networks, Facebook pages, websites, podcasts, webinars, support groups, mentors and peers. Virtual “safe spaces” to share, care, melt-down or scream into the ether. It’s bloody phenomenal, really. The cancer community is full of amazing people who freely and openly share advice and support; cancer-humour (yes, humour can be found in the direst of dire times); and confrontingly honest stories and photos of the mental and physical effects of gruelling cancer treatments and incurable diagnosis. I’ve been a bit of a virtual lurker since diagnosis, digitally dipping in and out of Insta, Facey and forums. I give as well as take (it’d be rude not to) but it’s very much an as-and-when-I-can-mentally-deal basis. But I’ve been a wuss when it’s come to fronting-up to RL catch ups. Today I pulled my pair together and got myself along to a peer support lunch for Reclaim Your Curves, a charity that supports women in making informed decisions about reconstruction after breast cancer . I can’t believe it’s taken me so bloody long! They were exactly the positive women that I needed to meet today but didn’t know it, including an Insta mate who I was over-joyed to see and put a face to an @. I love it when two worlds come together. Thank you, you amazing women 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 #Repost @sallyobermeder with @get_repost

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