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Day +49: Half-submission #100DaysDIEP

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

I’ll never tire of this #NoFilter view and absolutely acknowledge how fortunate I am that it I can soak it in every day, but man I am completely over assuming the recovery position on this fucking sofa. #RashGate continues with no firm diagnosis. While the general consensus is it’s probably an allergic reaction to surgical tape, my GP was sufficiently horrified by the extent and severity of it to send off swabs to check for shingles or a viral skin infection that is usually transmitted through high-contact sports and is often contracted by wrestlers (and therefore called, I kid you not, herpes gladiatorum or “scrum pox”!). The blister spots continue to spread all around my torso, down my legs and towards my unmentionables, to the extent that there’s a faintly humorous possibility it will resemble a pair of wrestling hot-pants. Until the results are in, I’m limited to maxing out on antihistamines and pain relief. Fingers-crossed I’ll have a more aggressive treatment plan tomorrow, otherwise the position I’ll be assuming could be one of submission.

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