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Day +50: ‘roid Rage #100DaysDIEP

Swab results are in and I don’t have the (scrum)pox or shingles! But the rash is scope-creeping beyond it’s categorisation as a localised reaction, and is now on my chest, arms and back. I’ve been scripted an oral steroid because it’s so extreme. I took steroids during chemotherapy - they’re used to help reduce various side effects to the drugs - and I’ve been thrown back into a not-so-fun memory following my first chemo infusion. Me and my hubster had one of the most awful arguments we’ve ever had in 18 years, and we weren’t even in the same room! Yeah, he was being a bit of an arse, but my reaction was off-the-scale verbally abusive. We were both shell-shocked by how utterly vile I was. I was especially upset at what a fucking bitch I’d been as it just wasn’t me. No-one had warned me about ‘roid rage. Even then it took me a while to forgive myself for being such a dick. #TheRoidsMadeMeDoIt is my hasth-tag and I’m sticking to it. .

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