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Day +56 Routiney #100DaysDIEP

Ken the Dugong, Comic Walk, Lavender Bay

Last night was my first sleep without meds (or reds 🍷) since the onset of #RashGate. I dream of an 8 hour-stretch of slumber as, since diagnosis, it’s become absolutely imperative to wake around 3am to research my prognosis/side effects/treatment/recurrence risk #CancerLaw. But I’ve hated still being all sleepy birdies in the morning cos of the meds. I’ve missed my ritual of breathing in the sunrise, stomping along with EDM on repeat and connecting with this special place that’s been the backdrop to my recovery for the last 18 months. Like the flowers people put on the mini sculptures along the Comic Walk ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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