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Day +57 Onya darls #100DaysDIEP

State of Origin decider night. I have the sweetest feck of a clue what goes on with the footy (rugby/whatever), but I like that it’s part of my Aussie life. This is a video of a group of lads, who’ve been friends since pre-school, watching NSW’s winning try when it was 20-20 at the 79th minute against QLD (honest, that’s as much as I know about it all!). The joy of it! The mateship of it! (yeah, and the grog!!!) . Being an LFC footy supporter (#realfooty #footballnotsoccer), it’s a bit weird to cheer for the blues (‘tho not as odd as chanting for the maroons, cos I can’t even pronounce it Aussie-style). It’s hard when you move to a new city in a country far, far away from home. People often say that it’s particularly difficult to break into social circles in Sydney. But I’ve been so very, very lucky to meet some awesome Aussies who’ve helped me through the Shitshow, who I’m honoured to call mates and couldn’t have done it without. Onya, darls! (Love ya, Kween - pies ’n’ all!) .

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