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Day +64 I’m a Survivor? #100DaysDIEP

The Survivorship Series by C.D.R.E.A.M.

At 5am I wandered down an Insta rabbit hole where I found bittersweet solace in stories of survivorship that salved my heart and stung my eyes. The term ‘survivor’ doesn’t really resonate with me. I’ve been rolling it around to see if the cap fits and I’m not sure it does. But I absolutely respect that some people do relate to it. I’m awed by those who open up the convo about this and other aspects of the Cancer Shitshow and share themselves so unmitigatedly. Thank you @c.d.r.e.a.m for recording and honouring these real stories of self at its rawest, and those who’ve told their tales. You made me feel a little less lonely as I try to unfold into this new post-cancer/treatment/old me life. Here there be warrior women.

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