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Day +65 Scar Tissue #100DaysDIEP

Day +28 I shared how facial therapy with @sanctuaryskincare gives me blissful respite from The Shitshow. . Owner, Natasha, is a massive skincare geek (and I say that with the greatest respect and in the nicest possible way! #GeekIsGood). What Natasha doesn’t know about skincare, well, it mustn’t be about skincare. . She’s all over the latest techniques and treatments, lotions and potions, so when she suggested that LED light therapy could help with my surgical scars, I listened. . After getting the nod from my specialist, and letting my skin recover from #RashGate, I had my first LED sesh. It doesn’t look like it’s doing much here as it’s low-key on the flashing-light front, but magic science-stuff is happening to speed up the healing process. . I couldn’t feel a thing and there’s been no reaction or return of The Rash-ness (phew!). . The swipe pics are of my abdo & belly-button scar before being LED’d. I’ll document the process over the next few weeks and keep you updated! . Note: this was only done after I got the OK offa my surgeon. I didn’t have light therapy on my DIEP’d breast today as I’m waiting for my radiotherapy oncologist to say yay. Be sure to speak to your specialists about treatments you’re considering. . On another note: yep, my pubic hair is now up to my bellybutton. It was a shock to me too. More about that another time #thingsiwishiknewbeforeDIEP

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