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Day +70 Knowledge-share #100DaysDIEP .

Street library, Darlinghurst

A GP check-up to review my chronic disease management plan (Aussies, do you know about them? You can get some partially-funded allied health services and the appointment to draw one up, and review it, has a higher Medicare rebate!). I had a good chat with my superstar Doc about ILC (Invasive Lobular Carcinoma) and how it’s getting more focus for research as a breast cancer sub-type. In particular, I discussed how ILC can metastasize to areas not often associated with the more common ductal breast cancer eg. the stomach, lungs, abdomen and tissue of the eye. We’ve agreed to share info and I’m emailing them some articles and a link to the Lobular Cancer Association, which was launched in 2017 (see #linkinbio). Knowledge-sharing can be a two-way thing. Not everyone can know everything about your disease. Try to be your own informed advocate and own your health. A Dr who sees patient dialogue (and questions!) as an opportunity, not a challenge of them, is so important. I’m thankful I found one.

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