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Day +75 Wing-Woman #100DaysDIEP

Sunrise, Sydney Opera House

Last year I walked the @sh10km with the Aussie villagers who’d helped me through The Shitshow, to raise $6k for @loveyoursister and mark the end of my cancer treatment trilogy (chemo, surgery, radio). This annual walk, around a harbour that’s become so inextricably woven into my recovery and my very being, has now become a time to reflect on what has been and what has been overcome. A time to mark the anniversary of my cancer-free-ness (my cancer-free-versary) as opposed to my diagnosis (the triggering cancer-versary). This year I walked it with my Aussie bezzy. A blessed woman who I mither about so very much, and who I couldn’t have wobbled this path without. We chin-wagged all the way ‘round, laughed uproariously and shed a couple of tears. Then went for coffee. Standard. She’s one of my people and I love her so. . @jov42 : I’ll be your wing-woman anytime.

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