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Day +76 Wellbeing Kidology #100DaysDiep

I don’t know why, but I resist doing my daily range & motion exercises. I know, I know, I know … I know all the upsides and all the downsides. Still, no matter how I dress it (or the kit) up, I proper sulk to it. It’s like a daily reminder of the Shitshow. Ditto my daily lymph clearance massage. I deploy avoidance techniques like a tuckered-out two-year refusing to go down for their nap. But who am I kidding? I just end up feeling anxious about not doing them and cancer-shame myself. I need to re-categorise them under something other than a treatment so that they’re not cancer-tainted. After all, I need to do them for the rest of my life to help prevent issues like lymphodema, and not doing them is mentally exhausting me more than if I actually got a wriggle on. I need some good old kidology, some bull-shit re-brand. Maybe something like The Wellbeing Roadmap (note: not journey, never journey). Currently roadmapped to be done each and every day: - Lymphatic clearance massage of arm (2/day) - Range & motion exercises - Cardio or strength exercises - Deep breathing exercises

- Massage of abdominal scar (@ least 2/day, more often if poss)

- Lymphatic massage of breast and scar (as above) - Meditation - Brain Training exercises

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