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Day +78 Treachery of Images #100DaysDIEP

Ceci n'est pas un mamelon (This is not a nipple). I was given the go-ahead to have LED light treatment @sanctuaryskincare on my DIEP’d breast, but I hesitated posting photos because of the Instagram nipple po-po. Then I thought, ah, fuck it. Cos this is not a nipple. It’s the disc of skin taken from my abdomen and transplanted to my breast. The scar underneath (in the shape of an inverted T) was initially made when I had my skin-sparing mastectomy last year. During my DIEP in May an incision was made along part of the T scar, down and to the right. My abdominal fat was inserted through this L-shaped incision and the foob (fat boob) was born! There is still some oedema/swelling which is why you can see indents in my skin from my bra. The skin discolouration under this is my radiotherapy tan. The disc of skin can act as a ‘window’ into the breast if there are any problems (rather than opening up the whole breast) but would also be used to form a new nipple should I want one, aka Phase Two (oooh, I managed to type that without hyper-ventilating - progress!). A new nipple would be made origami-style, with the skin being pulled and stitched (and therefore, permanently erect). It would still be a lighter colour but could be tattooed a nippley-hue. This is not a nipple, and never will be. It will be a reconstructed representation of a nipple: a ripple. A not-yet raspberry ripple. #feelitonthefirst

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