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Day +79 Feel You #100DaysDIEP

This is something I missed. Dimples or puckering can be a sign of invasive lobular cancer. I had a slight indent under my right breast along my bra-line. I couldn’t see it looking down, and when I looked in the mirror and raised my arms I still couldn’t see it because it was in the shadow of the bathroom overhead lights. I couldn’t I feel it either. Be sure to know how to check your boobs - there are more ways than one - and #FeelThemOnTheFirst . Get to know your normal and get any changes checked out. @coppafeelpeople low-down on dimples: “breast cancer doesn’t always appear as a lump, so it’s important to be aware of all of the signs and symptoms, including skin dimpling. If you notice unusual puckering or “orange peel” skin on your boobs, get it checked out by a GP.”

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