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Day +90 Lady Badger #100DaysDIEP

Girders, Flanges and Trusses; Sydney Harbour Bridge

It’s the final countdown of #100DaysDIEP and I feel it’s time to talk about the Lady Badger in the room. A DIEP flap recon isn’t all about breasts, it also involves quite significant changes to the body where the fat has been taken from to make your new foob/s. I’ve previously posted about how I hadn’t really thought about the impact my DIEP would have in the vicinity of my lady garden (Day+14). It was therefore somewhat of a surprise after surgery when I checked-in on ‘down there’. “That’s a bit different, isn’t it?” I queried the hubster. “Uh, ah, yeah”, he smirked. A decent amount of tissue and skin has been removed from below my belly button (so much so that a tattoo I had is no longer there and narrowly missed becoming the base for my new nipple (see Day+78)).

The incision has been tightly trussed and things tautly hoiked upwards, to such an extent that it’s akin to a mons-lift: my pubic hairline is almost to my belly button and bits that had previously been down under are now very much upfront. All understandable when you consider what’s involved in a DIEP (see Day-2), but quite a shock when the re-positioning of your unmentionables was completely unmentioned in your 7 pre-op appointments. Added to this, I have two small circular scars from the abdominal drains that look like eyes. All together, viewed from above, it’s reminiscent of a badger. And because these eye-scars aren’t level 🤨 they give Our Lady Badger of the DIEP a slightly quizzical look. Yeah, WTF, Lady B. WTAF?! Coming soon in #ThingsIWishIKnewBeforeDIEP (or #DIEPWTF): The Ken Doll. 📷

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