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Day +91 Temp Nip Tatt #100DaysDIEP

Temporary 3D nipple tatoos

Challenging the Insta nip-olice again. These came in the post (on Tuesday, I’ve been tardy). They’re 3D temporary nipple tattoos designed by Aleisha Gannon, a body-art tattooist of Pink Lotus Breast Restoration. I’ve always been rubbish at choosing colours for stuff but, hey, how many people need to colour-match their own nipples? So I bagged both colours to try out. I was also sent a complimentary sample of shine remover that you can use to buff em so that they look more natural (thank you!). I’ll be honest … I found it confronting when they arrived. It’s fairly fecked me off that I’m shopping for nipples. Nipple tassels? Yeah. Nipple tatts? Nah. #FuckYouCancer. It also reminded me that I could do with thinking more about phase 2 surgery (aka tweaking & nipple making). #DoubleFuckYouCancer #AndYouAnaesthetist. In the meantime, I’m gonna slap one on and see how I go. I’ll let you know #NipTattWatch.

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