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Day +97 Doing Grate(fullness) #100DaysDIEP

To avoid sounding like a whinging Pom after my last post …

Nah. Hang on. Scratch that. I’m not going to be apologetic for calling out, quite reasonably, how things could have been done better. Nope. Let’s go again… Although I didn’t realise it, I had been instinctively finding the treasure in the Cancer Shitshow (or desperately looking for it) even before I picked up The Reality Slap by Russ Harris. Treasure finding is one of the steps in the strategy that Harris suggests can help us close the reality gap that opens up when we’re dealt a shocker in life. And I think we can all agree that a cancer diagnosis counts as a shocker of a life event. Giving thanks, being mindfully appreciative or simply good ol’ gratefulness seems to be having a moment. In Radical Remission by Kelly Turner, expressing gratitude (as both a morning kick-off and nightly check-in) forms one of the nine key factors that Turner proposes helped people heal their cancer. It’s easy for me to bang-on about gratitude when I’m in the very fortunate position that I am. But I don’t think that’s a reason not to do gratitude. So as I get to the end of #100DaysDIEP, and in no particular order, here’s what I’ve been grateful for during my DIEP non-journey-“journey” . - Complication-free surgery - The birth of the foob! (See Day +4) - More balanced bangers (see post pic) - The hubster - Connecting with my Insta-mates cancer tribe (more about that soon, you beauties!) - IRL-mate-love - Designated bubba dates - Tea - My healing harbour - Exceptional nursing care - On the whole, excellent medical care and surgical team - Private & public healthcare to pay partially for some costs - Being able to self-fund the gaps in the above - Network of exceptional allied health professionals - Wonderfully supportive non-health peeps - Affording the never-ending, ongoing post-cancer costs - Chocolate & cheese #IsLife - Netflix - Being alive - Right here, right now - Writing this list of gratefulness - #NowIsAwesome

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