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Day +99 Bubba-licious #100DaysDIEP

With The Bug

Day +18 I posted about how adamant I was post-surgery to make the first birthday bash of my BBF (Bestest Bubba Forever). On Wednesday this wee bug was all buggy with a cold. I was thrilled to be asked to bubba-sit (I tried not to be too thrilled as that could have seemed like I was happy she was too snotty to go to daycare…). After a brief morning nap (I SWEAR I didn’t wake her!), we got stuck in to a snuggle before getting down to some serious play time. She’s a voracious reader of pop-ups; gets the cutest nark-on when she can’t do something herself; and gives you a fairly withering “who the … are you?” look when you say no to her. #StrongBaby Clever too. She has a borderline banana-popcorn habit (honestly, if you need to wrangle a toddler get some of these: they’re like baby crack). She tried the old distraction switcheroo on me to get her mitts on the bag of gok-gok, as she calls it. She nearly had me, but what did I want with a squeaky rubber pirate chicken? #GeniusBaby It was our first babysitting date since my surgery and her seemingly overnight transformation into a toddler. 99 days ago I wouldn’t have been able to lift her out of her cot, sit on the floor for 90 mins speed-reading through her library, put her in her high chair or chase her out of pantry cupboards. #TherapyBaby A few hours with her filled my day with rainbows. She is the treasure that I don’t need to look for; she simply is. It was the perfect penultimate day #100DaysDIEP.

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