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Look who’s talking: two⁠

(c) Luan Lawrenson-Woods

I found out you were coming into being just after diagnosis. Since then I’ve watched you grow from bump to bubba, from totterer to toddler, from babbler to chatter-er.⁠

I was a gonner the very first time your Mummy put you on my knees (I was post-mastectomy and couldn’t lift you). Now you are two and choose to clamber into my lap for ‘cuddies’.⁠

You’ve been chunnering away in a bidee-bidee fashion for for-ages.#GeniusBubba But now we can have a proper chat without your Mommies having to translate. Well, I say chat … it’s more you telling me what to do, or not do. #BossBaby

I, of course, do/don’t do whatever I’m told. Cos I would climb over a mountain of stickle bricks for you. On. My. Knees. And I think you know that. And that’s OK. It’s my job as Designated Aunty to say yes to everything, right?⁠

When I thought I couldn’t love you more than I do, I do. You only need to look at me sideways and I tear up, and I’m more than a little obsessed with your sass. ⁠

I wonder in wonder at every single thing you do. I mean, just look at how you’re stood here - so tentatively confident, so very you!⁠

They say The Twos can be Terrible, but I think they’re going to be Terrific. Because it’s you who’s two. ⁠

Darlingest Iris, thank you for choosing me to be your Aunty LuLu.⁠ 💙

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