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Merry Mammo-versary to Me

I’ve made some phenomenally poor decisions in my life (often bloke-related) and some momentously good ones. Two years ago today I made one that saved my life, prompted by someone who sadly lost theirs.

I’d been unwell on ‘n’ off for a year or so with various maladies, usually around my chest; no lumps or bumps, more sneezes and wheezes.

In Australia I’d seen Samuel Johnson from Love Your Sister on the telly telling everyone to check their boobs following the death of his sister, Connie Johnson, from breast cancer.

Mammograms are free for over 40s in NSW, so I thought it couldn’t hurt to get someone else to give ma lady lumps the once-over. Just cos, like.

The rest, as they say, is my cancer#journeynotjourney

My breast cancer was grade 3 pleomorphic invasive lobular, multi-centric, multi-focal and on the move. If I’d have waited 4 years to be called for a mammogram my diagnosis may have been very different.

So on my mammo-versary I want to give thanks.

To my body for persisting in telling me something wasn’t quite right and for my head for listening to it.

Thanks to people who work their arses off to raise awareness about breast cancer and other cancers all the year ‘round.

And the massivest thanks for now, cos now is fucking awesome.

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