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Day +18 Bubba Bash #100DaysDIEP

I forewent my morning walk to conserve energy for a party that I’ve been determined to go to. It was the 1st birthday bash of a (not-so-little-anymore) baby girl. I found out she was coming into being a couple of weeks after my breast cancer diagnosis. Her transition from bump to bubba has been a pure source of joy and inspiration throughout my treatment and recovery. She’s clever, brave, strong, resilient, adventurous and funny with a little bit of sass thrown in. She also rocks the cutest resting baby face. She is a gift to the world and I’m honoured to be her Designated Aunty. I had to have a 2 hour nap after her ‘do’, something I feel she would raise an eyebrow at (there’s too many things of wonder happening in the world to sleep, Aunty LuLu!!). But I would have crawled over a mountain of stickle bricks to be at that party. She is a Queen; I love her beyond. Let’s hope she doesn’t suss out just how much or I’m done for.

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