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Day +43: Back at it #100DaysDIEP

Bangers back at it

I was made up to be back in the clinic today for my first post-op sesh with EP Anna and my newly balanced bangers. . After a review and once over of my movement, we got stuck into some light floor work. Anna was quite impressed with my range which I was guiltily proud of and surprised by. . I’ve been completely rubbish at following the full regime of post-surgery exercises Anna prescribed. “I have been doing some of them”, I said “you know, the shoulder shrugs and stuff”. “You mean the easy ones?” she asked. Haha! That was me rumbled. . Ah, it’s soooo good to be back working with people who know their shit and know me and when to call me out on mine! Feels like home. . Sweat: @girlvscancer

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